>Stefanie Freele Is 2008 Fish Fellow

>Stefanie FreeleAfter poring over 90 applications, the editors of SmokeLong are ecstatic to announce that Stefanie Freele will be our Fish Fellowship “writer in residence” for 2008. This was not an easy choice—the quality of the applications we received was outstanding. Our final eight were as follows:

22: Stefanie Freele

Honorable Mention:
52: Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau
72: Elizabeth Oliver
74: Glenn Shaheen

Short List:
13: Stephanie Harrison
55: Kate Hill Cantrill
59: S. J. Powers
86: Sophie Rosenblum

The numbers, incidentally, were the names by which we knew the writers until after we’d reached our decision. They reflect the order in which their applications arrived. We’re only just now getting used to thinking of Stefanie as “Stefanie,” rather than as “#22.”

There were many, many writers who brought outstanding work to their applications who didn’t make the short list. In all, 21 writers received at least one strong yes vote from a member of the staff, and several others just missed that threshold. It was truly an impressive group.

We can’t wait to start working with Stefanie, and we think you’ll love her writing, which will first appear in our March 15 issue. For those wanting to know a bit more about Stefanie (as we did), we googled a bit and found this bio from the January ’08issue of Flash Fiction Online:

Stefanie Freele was born and raised in Wisconsin and currently lives on a river on the west coast. Her recent fiction credits include American Literary Review, South Dakota Review, Permafrost, Westview, Hobart, and Contrary. She will have forthcoming work in Talking River, Etchings, and in a speculative fiction anthology titled Futuristic Motherhood. She has completed a novel and is working on her MFA thesis with the Whidbey Writers Workshop in Washington.


About smokelong

Our Mission: SmokeLong Quarterly is dedicated to bringing the best flash fiction to the web on a quarterly basis, whether writtenwidely published authors, or those new to the craft. The term "smoke-long" comes from the Chinese, who noted that reading a piece of flash takes about the same length of time as smoking a cigarette. All the work we publish is precisely that—about a smoke long.
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6 Responses to >Stefanie Freele Is 2008 Fish Fellow

  1. katrina says:

    >Congratulations to Stefanie and to all the honorable mentions!

  2. >Congrats to all! I look forward to working with you, Stefanie.

  3. >Congratulations to all!!!

  4. Stefani says:

    >Con gratulations to Stefanie (I look forward to reading your stories!), and also to the SLQ editors for diligently reading all the submissions! It must have been great, and insane.

  5. >Thank you all! I am very very excited about this opportunity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    >You have made a superb choice here. Stef has been a writing friend and colleague of mine for a number of years, and her work is remarkable. Her wit and economy of language are trademarks, and I always look forward to reading her work. You’re going to look back on this and realize how brilliant you are for choosing her. Bravo! (Oh, and congratulations, Stef!)Patty M.

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