>Online Writing: The Best of the First Ten Years

>Snow*vigate is publishing an anthology of online writing, edited by Doug Martin and Kim Chinquee. We just learned that Jeff Landon’s Five Fat Men in a Hot Tub and Chad Simpson’s Miracle are among the stories to be included. Doug Martin is periodically updating the list of authors on Snow*vigate’s MySpace page. As of today, the list includes:

Brian Evenson, Michael Martone, Susan Henderson, Kim Chinquee, Noah Eli Gordon, Peter Conners, Mark Yakich, Jeff Landon, Norman Lock, Robyn Art, Mark Tursi, Joanna Howard, Lily Hoang, Brian Beatty, Bruce Covey, Brian Clements, Steve Davenport, Sheila Murphy, Kevin Sampsell, H. Tavel, Claudia Smith, George Looney, Corey Zeller, Jaya Savige, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Chad Simpson, Arielle Greenberg, Matt Hart, Max Winter, Daniel Grandbois, Anthony Tognazzini, Jamey Dunham, Pamela Miller, Megan R. Anderson Ham, Jessica Dyer, Christine Boyka Kluge, Christy Effinger, Matthew Brennan, David Baratier, Derek White, Carol Novack, Peter Markus, Sara Long, Rebecca Eggleston, Robert Lopez, John Bradley, Joshua Corey, Barbara Jacksha, Nicola Mason, Alexander Long, Sandra Beasley, Richard S. King, Cooper Esteban, Christopher Barnes, Kathy Fish, Ted Pelton, Theodore Worozbyt, Darla Crist, Girija Tropp, Jennifer Chapis, Gail Siegel, Liesl Jobson, Darby Larson, Erin Pringle, Davis Schneiderman, Victor Gischler, Jessica Newman, Jon Bonomo, and several more to select.


About smokelong

Our Mission: SmokeLong Quarterly is dedicated to bringing the best flash fiction to the web on a quarterly basis, whether writtenwidely published authors, or those new to the craft. The term "smoke-long" comes from the Chinese, who noted that reading a piece of flash takes about the same length of time as smoking a cigarette. All the work we publish is precisely that—about a smoke long.
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