Good bye, Blogger. Hello, WordPress.

Frankly, we’ve hated Blogger for… oh, forever. Initially, it had its uses: primarily, it played well (enough) with the code base we used, so we were able to publish straight to our own site (although it generally took FOREVER). But even that small advantage went away some time ago. The only reason we stayed with it was due to inertia. But Tara finally got me to put in the hour or so it would take to switch over to WordPress. THANK GOD. It looks better and it works better. And hopefully, the fact that it’s so much easier to use will mean that you’ll see more blogging from us. Maybe I’ll even start mining data again to look at which stories are getting the most attention from readers (unless I’m the only person who really geeks out on that kind of thing).

Regardless what happens with the blog going forward, just moving from the grotesqueries of Blogger to the elegant simplicity of WordPress feels like a huge step in the right direction. I hope to see you back here again soon.

About Dave Clapper

improvisor, editor, writer
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3 Responses to Good bye, Blogger. Hello, WordPress.

  1. Tara Laskowski says:

    This makes me unbearably happy.

  2. dclapper says:

    Me, too. So, so long overdue.

  3. gaydegani says:

    We are getting so multi-platformed!!!

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