SmokeLong REPRESENTS in the Wigleaf Top 50

Bless the folks over at Wigleaf that crazily read a majillion literary magazines each year and pull together the much-anticipated Top 50. We here at SmokeLong are always really excited to see the list. It is truly a fabulous selection of the best of the best out there.
This year, we are grateful to have eight of those Top 50 originally published in SLQ. That’s 16 percent, baby! Plus four others made the long-list. Congratulations to all our authors, listed below.
SmokeLong authors recognized by Wigleaf’s Top 50 of 2012
1.       MEAGAN  CASS,   “Egg Toss, August 1989
2.       CASEY  HANNAN,  “Other Sons
3.       SARA  LIPPMANN,   “Wolf Cry
4.       JOHN  MINICHILLO,   “Finally
5.       KATY  RESCH,   “Exposure
6.       CURTIS  SMITH,   “One Truth
7.       ANGI  BECKER  STEVENS,   “The Way We Speak Now
8.       R.S.  THOMAS,   “Running
From the Long List:
1.       Bonikowski, Wyatt, “Bible Camp
2.       Gaustad, Abe, “Renewables
3.       Schaffzin, Eliezra, “You Alone Are Privy to This Vision
4.       Smith, Curtis, “The Tycoon
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