This Week’s Reader: Casey Hannan


Casey Hannan lives in Kansas City and writes stories. His work has appeared in American Short Fiction, Wigleaf, and Hobart. His first collection of stories is forthcoming from Tiny Hardcore Press in early 2013.

His Idea of a Good Flash:

“I want stories to be urgent and honest. I don’t mean that in the way of ‘truth.’ I mean like when you ask someone for directions, and the person you ask is completely honest because they’ve been put on the spot. You can tell immediately if they want to help or not. They’ll give little details about landmarks or graffiti. They won’t know all the street names, or the exact number of stoplights, but they’re being as honest as they can be in that specific moment. They’re trying to help you get from here to there the best way they know how.”

A Story He Loves:

Head Meld” by Sarah Rose Etter, from Dark Sky Magazine.

One of Casey’s Stories:

Horse Street” from Spork Press


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