This Week’s Reader: Christopher Allen


Christopher Allen is the author of Conversations with S. Teri O’Type (a Satire) and is an editor at the daily litzine Metazen. Allen also writes reviews for Books at Fictionaut. His fiction and creative non-fiction have appeared in numerous places both online and in print. In 2011 Allen was a finalist at Glimmer Train, a Pushcart nominee and also the winner of the Preditors&Editors readers poll in the category of best ezine editor. When he’s not writing, he’s traveling, hiking and drinking buckets of wine. He blogs about his slight travel obsession at

What He Likes in Fiction:

“Fiction is like food to me. I like everything except pickled fish. Do not send pickled fish. Otherwise, surprise me. Don’t fall into the habit of writing stale dialogue and even staler dialogue tags. I love strong characters who grab me immediately and who want, need and do–yes, especially do–something I wouldn’t expect. In a text that is 1000 words or less, the voice should make me tremble from the very first word.”

Some Stories by Christopher:
Husk of Hare at Referential Magazine
The Shoes, the Girl and the Waves that Washed them Away at Blue Five Notebook Series
Pru in the Dimple of the Broad-smiling Boy at Gone Lawn

And here is an interview with Gay Degani about surrealism and absurdism in his writing.


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