This Week’s Reader: Jill Meyers


Bio: Jill Meyers is the cofounder of the small press A Strange Object. She is the former editor of the award-winning literary magazine American Short Fiction, and one of the directors of Lit Crawl Austin, an annual bar crawl with literature in Austin, Texas. Her writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Mid-American Review, and the Collagist.

Deal breaker:

Please no animal cruelty. Just: no. I can take other forms of cruelty in stories, but not that. Besides, it’s often a cheap shortcut to represent a character’s confusion, inarticulateness, or lack of options.

I’m looking for stories that use language well (yes, of course), but that are also a bit wild or move in unexpected ways. I love stuff that challenges my head and my heart.

Story I love:

“Ghosts There” by Casey Hannan

A few of my favorites from American Short Fiction:

“The Swimmers” by Randi Ewing

“The Woodlands” by Chad Simpson

“Signs” by Bess Winter

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