This Week’s Reader: Christopher Backley


Christopher W. Backley was born in the Twin Cities, where he lived until moving to Washington, DC, in 2006. He is a lover of literature, all things feline, old horror movies, Batman, and whiskey. He also is fascinated by fast food marketing and retailing, dead or dying shopping malls, and cryptozoology…but the less said about this the better. In a rare stroke of luck or fortune or whatever you want to call it, he married a writer (Amber Sparks).

What Christopher Likes in Fiction:

I like writing that makes me want to crawl into a writer’s head and sleep for weeks, writing that makes me hurt because the world as it is is not the world that is written about. When I fall in love with a story it’s usually because the author causes me to marvel at what the human mind is capable of, or because their language or ideas make me want to become close friends with them. Or both. I really enjoy genre-bending fiction, but also dig realism if it’s done extremely well.

Deal Breakers in Flash:

No characters should look in mirrors. Genitals and discussions of genitals are not shocking.

Some Flash Fiction He Likes:

“How the Broken Lead the Blind Until They Both Become Something Else Entirely” by Matt Bell

“An Account of my Death in the Mountains” by Leni Zumas

“George Washington” by Steve Himmer

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