This Week’s Reader: Gay Degani

gay aug 2012About:

Gay Degani has published on-line and in print including her chapbook, Pomegranate Stories. She is the founder-editor of EDF’s Flash Fiction Chronicles, an editor at Smokelong Quarterly, and blogs at Word in Place (rarely). Her work has been nominated and/or short-listed for a few contests and her piece, “Something about L.A,” won the 11th Annual Glass Woman Prize.

What Gay Likes in Fiction:

“I like stories that blow me away. That make me think, “WOW!” and keep thinking it for days. How to do this? I like relevant content and an awareness of structure. I want meaning that isn’t overly obvious nor overly obscure. I like a strong energetic voice that remains consistent throughout the piece. I want lean exact language and graceful images that suit the tone of the story. I like rules to be broken, but broken on purpose, with purpose.”

Deal Breakers in Flash:

Don’t confuse me. Don’t give me a reason to not read on. I want to feel anchored in a piece from the first sentence and have some idea that the author is in control of his or her story. Make me trust you.

Stories She Admires:

About Things that Are Lost and the Places that Things Get Lost” by Andrea Kneeland (Smokelong Quarterly)

Running” by R.S. Thomas (Smokelong Quarterly)

Lydia Before” by Aliya Whiteley (Smokelong Quarterly)

The Bone Orchard” by Randall Brown (Smokelong Quarterly)

The Language of Hairzilla” by Chris L. Terry

Swicks Rule” by Kathy Fish (Wigleaf)

Seven Items in Jason Reynolds’ Jacket Pocket, Two Days AfterHis Suicide, As Found by his Eight-Year-Old Brother, Grady” by Robert Swartwood ( Pank)

Betta Fish” by Tara Laskowski (Monkey Bicycle)

Flowers for Clockwork Street” by Jennifer R. Fierro (Every Day Fiction)

Stories by Gay:

Complicit” (Smokelong Quarterly)

Rim Shot” (3 A.M.)

Oranges” (Every Day Fiction)

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