This Week’s Reader: Ashley Inguanta


Ashley Inguanta is a writer/photographer who is driven by the details of landscape. Her first collection, The Way Home, is out with Dancing Girl Press, and she is the art director at SmokeLong Quarterly.  Ashley has been nominated for Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction Award.  She has also photographed several book covers, her most recent being Nicole Monaghan’s forthcoming collection, Want, Wound.

What Ashley Likes to Read:

I love to read stories with big, courageous hearts. Stories that hold their voice, know their voice. Stories that are propelled by gutsy, strong, yet soft characters who have big desire.

Deal Breakers in Flash:

Flash fiction uses time in a very particular way, and whether a flash piece is compressing a big unit of time (days, years, decades) or whether a flash piece is compressing a smaller unit of time (a second, minutes, an hour), the story must feel “comfortable” in the way it uses time. I will have trouble connecting with a piece of flash that has not yet found this level of comfort with itself.

Stories Ashley Admires:

The Freeze”  by Virgie Townsend (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Eulogy to Maria Mamani, Fire-eater” by Ed Bull (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Trace” by Darlin’ Neal (SmokeLong Quaterly)

God, Two Girls” by Adeena Reitberger (SmokeLong Quarterly)

My Life as a Rose” by Nicole Monaghan (Long Story Short)

Of Mice and Indians” by Toni Jensen (Pindeldyboz)

If I Would Leave Myself Behind” by Lauren Becker (Atticus Review)

By Ashley:

Inside” (SmokeLong Quarterly)

It’s End of the World Karaoke” (PANK)

Clay & Anchor” (Gone Lawn)

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