Announcing the 2013-14 Kathy Fish Fellowship


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We are bringing it back!

SmokeLong Quarterly is excited to announce that we are once again hosting a Kathy Fish Fellow. The 2013-14 Fellow honors Kathy Fish, a former editor here at SmokeLong, a fantastic writer herself, and a continuing champion of new and emerging writers.

Applications for the fellowship will be accepted starting Friday, March 1 and the submission period will run through Sunday, March 31. Submit here.

The winner of the 2013-14 Kathy Fish Fellowship will be considered a “writer in residence” at SmokeLong for four quarterly issues (June 2013, September 2013, December 2013 and March 2014). Each issue will include one flash by the Fellowship winner.

The winner of the Fellowship will also receive $500.00, to be paid as follows: $100.00 on announcement of the winner, and $100.00 upon publication of each of the four issues in 2013-14.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work with SmokeLong staff and participate in online writing workshops.

This is the fourth time SmokeLong is offering the Fish Fellowship. Previous winners include Beth Cox Thomas (2007), Stefanie Freele (2008) and Tara Laskowski (2009.)

All writers previously unpublished in SmokeLong Quarterly are eligible to apply. Following are the guidelines for application and the terms of the award itself:

Application Guidelines
Only writers who have not been previously published by SmokeLong are eligible.
Applications should be submitted under the Kathy Fish Fellowship Applications category on Submittable. In the title box, please write: “Fish Application.” In the cover letter/bio field, please include your name and a short bio. Do not put your name anywhere else in the application document.

Upload the rest of your application in ONE document, double-spaced, in the following order (no funky fonts or styles, please):

1. Answer the question: “What about flash fiction appeals to you, and what do you hope to accomplish with your writing if you are chosen as the fellow? ” in less than 300 words.

2. Four samples of your flash fiction (stories of 1000 words or less). Please include word count after the title of each story. These samples may be unpublished or previously published in venues other than SmokeLong. The writing samples should, as a whole, best reflect your ability, style(s), etc. Show us who you are as a writer through these samples.

There is no application fee.
Application deadline is March 31, 2013.

The winner will be announced in early June 2013.

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