Our Candy Cigarette Authors Are….

Thank you to everyone who sent us your 40-words or less stories. We loved reading them all!

We are excited to unveil the storified candy cigarette packs next week at the AWP conference in Boston. If you are attending, please stop by our table (#H2O–think water!) to say hello and snag yourself a pack.

Until then, here are the winners of our contest (for untitled stories, we just list the first few words of the piece):

– You seemed pretty real, by Jennifer Pashley
– O darling, by Helen McClory
– Only fifteen minutes, by Keith Rawson
– Cohabitate, by Rachel Mangini
– Mirrors at Golden’s, by Christopher James
– The Floating Whores of Utrecht, by Ryan Rivas
– Think of Hemingway, by Allison Porter
– This Girl They’ve Set on Fire, by Beth Konkoski
– Next to the sticker, by Dave Housley
– Appaloosa, by Martha Marinara
– Lost Boys, by Sherene Aram
– Hunter, by Clare Kirwan
– The Pretenders, by Foster Trecost
– The Orgasm, by Ron Burch
– The surgeon general, by Diana Gallagher
– Sing, byKayla Roseclere
– You never waited at the table, by Rafael Lancelotta
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