This Week’s Reader: Joseph Young


Joseph Young lives in Baltimore where he writes and makes art. His book of microfictions, Easter Rabbit, was released by Publishing Genius in 2009, and a chapbook of his tiny fictions called 5 drawings of the maryland sky was recently put out by Ink Press. He’s had stories out in a bunch of magazines including this one, SmokeLong. Joseph’s visual work has been shown in galleries and other venues in Maryland, West Virginia, and Georgia.  Find Joseph at his website: (Drawing of Joseph by Kathy Fahey.)

Deal Breakers:

There’s nothing that’s an absolute deal breaker, I’d want the story to do what it needs to, though I do have a strong preference for flash work that pushes forward the genre. How can you deepen, extend, complicate, or confuse what flash is and what flash does? We have that opportunity as writers—to continue to roil the waters of flash fiction—and it always excites me when someone does.

Some of Joseph’s stories:

A series of microfictions at FRiGG, which were all included in Easter Rabbit.

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