This Week’s Reader: Nancy Stebbins

0Nancy Stebbins coordinates the guest editors for SmokeLong Weekly. She earned her MFA from Pacific University. Her stories have been or will soon be published in Indiana Review, CutBank, St. Ann’s Review, and The Los Angeles Review. She lives in College Station, Texas, where she works as a psychiatrist.

Nancy’s favorite flashes feel like puzzles that have been put back together slightly off kilter. Not strange for the sake of strangeness, they deliver something powerful, something beyond the whole. Like this:

“Mold Smells Like Home” by Mary Hamilton

or this:

“Master of the Art of Longrange Tenpins” by Fortunato Salazar

And here are links to some of the stories she has chosen in previous reading weeks:

The Good Woman” by Sarah Levine

“Finally” by John Minichillo

“The Freeze” by Virgie Townsend

“The Prediction” by Kama Post

Kapha” by Joanne Avallon

Wreck” by Will Kaufman

“Interference” by Glenn Shaheen

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1 Response to This Week’s Reader: Nancy Stebbins

  1. Paula Cappa says:

    I like SmokeLong’s stories, and I like that I can read a story on my lunch hour. I actually read a lot of the 19-century authors’ shorts too. There is a real challenge in writing a story that is 1000 words. It not only takes talent and skill but a lot of perseverance to get it “just right.” But, hey, May is National Short Story Month. Celebrate short story authors!

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