This Week’s Reader: Anderson Holderness

AndersonHoldernessAnderson is the author of “Messing with Texas,” which will be included in our upcoming anthology, SmokeLong Quarterly: The Best of the First Ten Years


Anderson Holderness’s fiction has appeared in PANK, > kill author, Short, Fast, and Deadly, and others. He explores the internet daily. Today he saw a man riding a pig down the street. You can find him on his blog:

Deal breaker:

I expect every paragraph, every sentence, every word to be ruthlessly scrutinized and agonized over for many hours. That said, no Furby stories. Well, actually, if it was a zombie apocalypse, or an Evil Dead type story, then maybe. Even if it’s a Furby Pinocchio mash-up story where, instead of his beak growing when he lies, his whole body grows and he ends up destroying downtown Minneapolis, it might could work. It all depends how you write it.

Flash He Likes:

Wednesday” – Tim Livingston

Crushed Ice” – Gary Fincke

Dead Alice” – Annie Hartnett

His Flash:

Giddy Up Hannah Montana


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