Fridge Flash: Punishments of Sleep

Punishments of Sleep
Lying in a large cornfield,
Sleep is a weapon I wield.
This is a time that thoughts will yield,
and imagination reigns supreme.
Dreams have a world of their own,
imagination doesn’t need a loan.
The thought of thoughts drop like a stone,
and imagination reigns supreme.
Nightmares may ravage your head,
like demons breaking into your bed.
Thoughts get hit and fall down dead,
and imagination reigns supreme.
Eternal sleep and
yet not death.
Dreams will live,
thoughts are dead.
Imagination will reign supreme.



Dylan Schaffel is an almost 10-year old black belt, who plays Jedi-mind tricks with poetry on his mom, writer Vivian Manning-Schaffel, on a semi-regular basis.

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2 Responses to Fridge Flash: Punishments of Sleep

  1. Well, this is just too good for the fridge!

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