This Week’s Reader: Michael Landweber

Michael Landweber -- editedAbout:

Michael Landweber’s debut novel, We, was released by Coffeetown Press in September.  His short stories have appeared in a variety of places, including Gargoyle, Fourteen Hills, Fugue, American Literary Review, Big Lucks, Barrelhouse and Ardor.  He is an Associate Editor at the Potomac Review.  Landweber also writes TV and movie reviews for Pop Matters and book reviews for the Washington Independent Review of Books.  He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two children.  He can be contacted through his website at

Links to two of his stories:

“Climate Change”

“How’s My Driving?” 

Links to a couple of stories he likes:

tennessee stop” by Helen McClory

“Old Man Down” by Jeff Friedman

“Larissa Shoots the Moon” by Teresa Milbrodt

What he’s looking for:

A complete story. Compelling characters. A sense of place. Narrative confidence. I want to discover an new world, which is no different than what I expect from a longer story or a novel.

Deal breaker:

If you write a story that is one sentence, make sure it is actually a sentence and not just 500 words with all the periods extracted.

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