Happy Halloween! Special edition SLQ illustrations by Justin Chen

Happy Halloween everyone!

To celebrate my favorite holiday (and my birthday!!), SmokeLong is publishing new, original illustrations by Justin Chen of select past SmokeLong stories. It’s a chance to revisit some of our favorite stories not only on the page, but visually as well.

We love Justin’s artwork, and were so thrilled to be a part of this project. Below is more information about the illustration project, which was part of Justin’s thesis for his master’s degree in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Tara Laskowski, Senior Editor

From Justin’s proposal: My goal was to create a print edition of a specially curated collection of fiction, from the 10 years archives of Smokelong Quarterly. This print edition still retains the components of a typical publication, but will not contain the actual writing. Instead each story will be expressed through a sequences of abstract images.

The Stories

The Collector” by Bess Winter


Remembering Elizabeth” by Bob Arter


Five Fat Men in a Hot Tub” by Jeff Landon


Dairy Queen” by Jennifer Pashley


Sleepless #7” by Joe Kapitan


Finally” by John Minichillo


Partners” by Simon Jacobs


Home Smells Like Mold” by Mary Hamilton


Rehearsal for Dinner Party Theater” by Pamela Painter


Everyday There Is So Much about Elephants” by Timothy Gager


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