This Week’s Reader: Matt Rowan


Matt Rowan is the author of the short story collection Why God Why (Love Symbol Press, 2013) and co-edits Untoward Magazine. His work can, or soon will, be found in SmokeLong Quarterly, Booth Journal, Gigantic, Atticus Review, Pear Noir! and PANK, among others. More at He lives in Chicago with his wonderful girlfriend and two small (and wonderful) dogs.

Two Flash Pieces Matt really enjoys:

Amelia Fucky Earhart” by Angela Allan

God The Midget” by Etgar Keret

Some of Matt’s Flash Fiction:

Pieces included in a larger collection entitled Why God Why

What Matt Likes in Flash Fiction:

My taste tends toward the surreal with flash, which I think the form is generally more conducive to. Some flash fiction I love is by classic writers like Daniil Kharms, Robert Walser, Franz Kafka and more recent writers like Russell Edson, Ben Loory, Amelia Gray, Shane Jones, Lindsay Hunter, Amber Sparks and Mathias Svalina. Plus prose poets like Zachary Schomburg and James Tate (I find that prose poetry, with its loose narratives and abstract imagery, tends to hit me in much the same way as my favorite flash fiction, which is to say, I think they share more similarities than differences.

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