This Week’s Reader: Megan Giddings



Megan Giddings is an MFA candidate at Indiana University. She received a 2013 Kathy Fish Fellowship and Writer’s Residency from SmokeLong Quarterly. Her work has been recently published or is forthcoming from NANO FictionThe Masters Review: New Voices, Moon City Review, and The Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Journal.


Example of a Flash Fiction Piece She Really Enjoyed in SmokeLong:

Caren Beilin’s “Portrait of a Writer I Remember as a Young Masturbator


Deal Breakers:

I’m not a fan of stories that have a gruesome twist for no reason. Example: people are at a beach. They’re having fun for ninety percent of the story. And then in the last paragraph, there’s a war that kills them all or a tsunami, etc. And also, if you’re going to be weird, just be weird. Trust me, I’m down. I get really deflated when I read beautiful imagery or start to get invested in an interesting situation, only for the main character to wake up and go to Kinko’s.



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