This Week’s Reader: Matthew Dexter


Like the nomadic Pericú natives before him, Matthew Dexter survives on a hunter-gatherer subsistence diet of shrimp tacos, smoked marlin, cold beer, and warm sunshine. He is the author of the novel, THE RITALIN ORGY (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, 2013). His flash fiction and narrative nonfiction has been published in hundreds of literary journals and dozens of anthologies. Thousands of articles sold for fish tacos. He is the memoir editor at Split Lip Magazine and reads submissions for PANK. He lives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A Flash of Matthew’s:

Restraining Order

A Flash He Really Likes:

Steady Hands At Seattle General” by Denis Johnson

Deal Breaker:

A “deal breaker” would be a piece that does not take any risks. Please don’t be afraid to write poetry between the lines. Also, something riddled with simple grammar errors and pervasive typos at the expense of the narrative. Be experimental; but proofread with bloodshot sclarae. Write fearless—with no remorse or regret—but edit that thing to beautiful death.

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