Kickstarter Campaign for a New Web Design for Smokelong Quarterly

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We publish cutting-edge flash fiction, and we need a web site that shows it off. Help bring our online presence into the next decade!

Hey, did you know SmokeLong Quarterly started publishing flash fiction in 2003?

Did you also know we haven’t had a major web site redesign since then?

Let’s take a look at how far the world has come since then. In 2003 when we started publishing:

  • MySpace was just beginning (launched August 2003)
  • Wikipedia was two years old
  • There was no Facebook, You Tube, or Twitter
  • Reuben Studdard beat Clay Aiken on American Idol
  • The Department of Homeland Security began operation
  • Lance Armstrong was still a hero
  • We only had five of the Harry Potter books
  • Apple introduced the iTunes download store

The world has changed. Dramatically. And now it’s SLQ’s turn. We need a makeover. And we need your help to do it.

SLQ’s first cover, 2003:

And SLQ today:

A new web design will showcase our writers and artists in a new and exciting way.

It will make publishing stories faster and more efficient, leaving us more time to market, promote, and think of other ways to conquer the world with great literature.

Currently it takes us an average of 40 minutes to post a weekly story, and each quarterly issue takes more than 20 hours to produce. With a new web site, we can more than cut that time in half. Tara’s pinched nerve will send you a personal thank you note for that!!!

We want you to be able to read us on your commute!

We want to make it easy to read SmokeLong on any device–laptop, e-reader, cell phone. Have you tried to read our content on your phone with our current site? Go ahead. Try it now. We’ll wait.

See? We told you.

We’re like your old reliable friend who’s had one too many drinks and needs a lift home at 2 a.m.

In the last 11 years, we have published hundreds of authors and artists, both well-established and emerging, and have hosted the Kathy Fish Fellowship, which has supported five writers-in-residence since 2007. And we have NEVER charged our writers for submitting, NEVER charged contest fees for our contests, and ALWAYS kept our submissions open 24/7, 365 days a year.

The minimum raised for this campaign will help support the initial redesign costs for the web site. If that goal is met and funds exceed our minimum, we will be able to do much more. Below are our goal levels for all the fun stuff we’d like to achieve!

Goal Levels:

$3000 [LOCKED–Minimum]–We will be able to redesign the SLQ web site.

$4000 [LOCKED]–We can even pay something to the wonderful wonderful web developer who is currently working pro bono because he loves us..

$5000 [LOCKED]– We will offer the Kathy Fish Fellowship and writer-in-residence (a $500 reward) to one writer in 2015-16.

$6000 [LOCKED] — We will pay all of the writers we publish in 2015 $25 per story.

Please help us continue to publish the best flash fiction on the planet!

We are a labor of love. All of the funds raised will go directly back to SmokeLong production and promotion, contest prizes, and other initiatives.

And remember: Funds pledged to a Kickstarter project are not deducted until the project is complete. No funds go to the project unless the entire amount is raised, so if you pledge $$ and we don’t hit our goal, you don’t ever pay it out. Kickstarter crowdfunding projects must make 100% of the money needed for a project.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter


We are hoping to have our redesign completed by the December 2014 quarterly issue, however that deadline depends on the web designer we end up hiring and the ultimate timeline of the process.

If the redesign gets delayed for any reason we will contact all our backers and contributors.

All other goal levels we unlock will be worked on during 2014 and you will begin to see results as soon as we can get them. Updates on our progress will be posted on our web site, blog, and social media sites. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

About Gay Degani

Gay Degani's suspense novel, What Came Before, was re-published in 2016, her full-length collection, Rattle of Want, in 2015, and a shorter collection, titled Pomegranate, features eight stories around the theme of mothers and daughters in 2010. A complete list of her published work can be found at
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