Leigh Allison Wilson: Guest Editor for the Week of October 6 – October 12


Leigh Allison Wilson is the author of two collections of stories, one of which won The Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. Her prose has appeared in The Georgia Review, Grand Street, Harper’s, The Kenyon Review, Smokelong Quarterly, The Southern Review and elsewhere.  She lives in upstate New York.

 A link to one of her stories: “The Five Different Ways They Died”

A piece of flash she really enjoys: “That’s Him! That’s the Guy!” by Dan Chaon

What she’s looking for in this week’s submissions: My idea is that good flash fiction is like a good gift.  Once we begin to unwrap it—say, by reading the first sentence—we can’t stop until the whole thing is before us.  Oddly, the act of unwrapping only increases our desire to unwrap; as we progress, words strewn like paper in our wake, we already want to begin again, to keep the experience happening.  Nevertheless we come to the end, all anticipation spent, the desire re-desired, and we get the gift.  There’s an almost perfect moment of gratification and surprise and fulfillment.  We did not anticipate this gift, could not have given it to ourselves, could not have imagined the emotions produced by it.  It took someone else’s genius to please us in quite this curious way.  And we won’t forget it.  We simply will never forget it.

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