Fridge Flash: The Space Planet

art by Jasper Kyle

art by Jasper Kyle

The Space Planet

by Jasper Kyle

It’s negative 785 degrees. That’s cold.

Dragon birds eat the blue tree in the invisible pot. It’s a flying tree, you can’t see the pot.

There are 4 planets including Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and the moon.

There is a sea monster and a goblin who breathes fire and the sea monster breaths brown fire. The fire keeps them warm because it’s like their heater.

Then there is a rocket ship. The sea monster is doing a space walk. And the goblin is a pilot. He helps the dragon bird eat the blue tree in the invisible pot. And the sea monster does the same.

There is grass flying in the air. It’s for everyone to eat.

There are asteroids in the air and everyone eats them. They taste like dirt and they also hit the rocket ship and they leave craters in it. Then they get in the rocket ship and they bump into the goblin’s seat and the goblin falls down through the big hole, then he gets burned by the rocket’s fire and falls back to Earth. Also the sea monster falls back to Earth.

Also there is rain falling in space back down to Earth. You can’t see Earth on this habitat, it’s off the page. There are blue mountains below the green grass but they’re just flying. They’re not part of Earth.

Rain is crashing into Neptune and it crashes into Pluto then they all fall together back to Earth. Jupiter and the moon too, but also asteroids are crashing into them too. The moon has tons of asteroids and rain. They crash the Earth way up to the Sun and the Sun explodes.

I went to the hospital at St. Josephs. It’s on top of the flares now.


Debbie_Urbanski-jasper-picJasper Kyle is a second-grader who builds a lot of things out of Legos.  He wrote this story when he was five. He’s now working on his first novel, The Compass, which can only be written down with orange highlighter.

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