Tania Hershman: First Guest Editor of 2015

Tania Hershman

Photo of Tania Hershman by Lou Abercrombie

Tania Hershman will be reading submissions from January 5th – January 11th. She is the author of two story collections: My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions (Tangent Books, 2012), and The White Road and Other Stories (Salt, 2008; commended, 2009 Orange Award for New Writers). Tania‘s award-winning short stories and poetry have been widely published in print and online and broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and 4. Tania is curator of ShortStops (www.shortstops.info), celebrating short story activity across  the UK & Ireland. She is a Royal Literary Fund fellow at the faculties of science at Bristol University and is studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University exploring the intersection between fiction and particle physics. She is co-writer and editor of Writing Short Stories: A Writers’ & Artists’ Companion (Bloomsbury, Dec 2014). www.taniahershman.com

Some flash fiction Tania has recently read and admired are “The Scales Fall” by Freya Morris and “Brisbane,” “Swan Dive,” and “House” by Josephine Rowe. 

A few stories of Tania’s you can read online are “The Party”  and “War Games.”

Tania’s thoughts on what she’s looking for while reading submissions for SmokeLong: ‘My ideal submission will feel whole, complete, and that it fits its chosen length, with nothing more needed or anything extra added. It will make use of the constraints of flash fiction rather than being wonderful despite its length, doing something that can only be done with brevity. It may be written traditionally or break with convention in terms of style, of structure, of language, of content. I do have a preference for writing that shows how much the writer loves language and enjoys to play – but if it’s a great story, I am happy to be utterly surprised!’

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