Fridge Flash: Wiggly Tooth

Wiggly Tooth

by Cobain Leftwich

Hello, I’m Cobain!  I am 8 years old.

Art work by Cobain

Art work by Cobain

I have Tony Hawk shoes, long blue hair, dark eyes like chocolate and a wiggly tooth.  My tooth just won’t come out.  It has been loose for 9 weeks, 3 days and 7 hours.  I have been keeping track of time and counting because my wiggly tooth is driving me nuts.

I feel my loose tooth with my tongue all day long!  Sometimes when I am bored in class, I push my tooth all the way back, trying to make it fall out.  It is stuck!  I am going to have to do something.

“Cobain, I have Mac and Cheese ready for dinner.”

Uhhh, yeah!  I thought to myself.  My mom can pull this tooth out for me.  I ran into the kitchen as fast as Super Mario.

“Mom, please help!  Please pull my wiggly tooth out!”

My mom said, “Wait, just wait a minute.  I will after we eat.”


“Okay.  Alright, I’m just going to use my hands for this…”

“Ouch!  What the heck?” I screamed.

“Did it hurt?”  Uncle Justin asked.

“Yeah, it hurt a lot!”

“Sorry, but let’s try something else.”


Cobain as luigiCobain Leftwich is a native of Colorado and currently lives in Denver with his mom. An old soul, he loves the 80’s era and video games, especially pinball. He hopes to one day be a T-Rex, but will settle for rock star, break dancer, or both.


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Gay Degani's suspense novel, What Came Before, was re-published in 2016, her full-length collection, Rattle of Want, in 2015, and a shorter collection, titled Pomegranate, features eight stories around the theme of mothers and daughters in 2010. A complete list of her published work can be found at
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6 Responses to Fridge Flash: Wiggly Tooth

  1. kathydfish says:

    Can’t even tell you how much I love these fridge flashes.

  2. Hillary Leftwich says:

    this is my son

    • Hillary Leftwich says:

      My son commented on my behalf earlier, but I just wanted to say thank you to SLQ for this platform for kids to be able to showcase their writing. What a wonderful way to allow kids to proudly display their talent! Thank you so much! He was very excited to see this up on your website.

  3. Well done, Cobain. I’m not sure what brightened my day more–your story or your witty bio. I, too, hope to one day be a T-Rex. My hunch is that you, one day, will be a well-known writer.


  4. Hillary Leftwich says:

    Never give up on your dreams Anthony…especially if they involve a T Rex. Thank you for the comment on my son’s story. You are wonderful.

  5. Jen says:

    Nice one, Cobain. We’ve never met because as long as you’ve been alive, I’ve lived in Australia. But, I used to work with your mom, and she rocks. So, you must rock as well. Loved the story. Pesky teeth. I can feel your frustration in your writing! Love it!

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