Caren Beilin Guest Edits 2/2 – 2/8

Caren Beilin Caren Beilin’s novel, The University of Pennsylvania came out this past November with Noemi Press, and her fiction chapbook, Americans, Guests, or Us, is available from DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press. She is from Philadelphia and currently living in Salt Lake City, studying and teaching.

The author whose story Caren picks will receive a free copy of The University of Pennsylvania, as well as a mystery book from her personal library.

Fiction Caren has recently published online are “Portrait of a Writer I Remember as a Young Masturbator” and “3 Stories.”

Four stories Caren recently has read and admired are “Domestic Still Life” by Jessica Alexander, “Witness” by John Edgar Wideman, “Cribs” by Kate Wisel,  and these five section from MW: A Field Guide to the Midwest by Dot Devota.

Caren’s brief thoughts on what she likes and dislikes in writing: “I like writing that’s desperate enough. Pet Peeve: unexamined realism.”

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