Jennifer Pieroni Guest Edits March 9th – March 15th

Jennifer Pieroni is the author of the novella Danceland. She studied writing at Emerson College, and now lives on the north shore of the state with her husband and son. Her fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including Guernica, Wigleaf, and PANK. She served for more than a decade as the founding editor of the journal Quick Fiction.

Jennifer is guest editing March 9th – March 15th. Below is a brief interview with her.

Jennifer PieroniWhat was the last moment or thing you noticed that you thought could be turned into a story?

I sometimes have those passing thoughts-that the coincidences, or quirky things from life might make a good story. Fortunately, these days I forget most of those moments. I think it’s the things that we remember, and that we struggle to forget, that make good fiction.

Create a playlist of songs that make you think of writing.

I listened to The Firebird Suite obsessively while writing Danceland. I studied Stravinsky and the Russian mythology, specifically.

What are some stories you’ve recently read online and admired?

 I’ll admit I don’t do much reading online.  I will say, I’ve always admired and appreciated wigleaf’s aesthetic.

If you were able to design your own MFA  and were given unlimited financial resources, who would you invite to teach?

 I’d want visionary mentors who were at the top of their game, who could imagine the impossible, relate to and understand others, and were incredibly prolific with the highest quality work. How about Carl Sagan, David Letterman, and Joan Didion? Also, David Lynch.

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