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Happy birthday to us.

With issue 32 going live today, we are now eight years old! Thirteen more years until we’re legal to drink the scotch we pour down our throats while reading subs. New fiction by Wyatt Bonikowski, Randall Brown,  Katie Cortese,Brandon Courtney, Trent England, … Continue reading

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SmokeLong Weekly: “Wound Glue” by Michael Cooper

I had the honor of selecting the story that appears this week, Michael Cooper’s “Wound Glue.” I’m a sucker for loneliness, but I don’t like to be beaten over the head with it. The images of this piece, the way they … Continue reading

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Good bye, Blogger. Hello, WordPress.

Frankly, we’ve hated Blogger for… oh, forever. Initially, it had its uses: primarily, it played well (enough) with the code base we used, so we were able to publish straight to our own site (although it generally took FOREVER). But … Continue reading

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