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Our Mission: SmokeLong Quarterly is dedicated to bringing the best flash fiction to the web on a quarterly basis, whether writtenwidely published authors, or those new to the craft. The term "smoke-long" comes from the Chinese, who noted that reading a piece of flash takes about the same length of time as smoking a cigarette. All the work we publish is precisely that—about a smoke long.

The Death of Christmas Cards, or, Tara’s Big Fat Holiday Rant

I’m probably going to piss off half my friends by writing this. However, this morning Hallmark pushed me over the edge. Their commercial—of a family of four fighting over which Christmas photo looks best—has sent me into a rant. Mostly … Continue reading

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>Welcome Our New Staff Editors!

>Please welcome our three new staff editors at SmokeLong Quarterly! Nancy, Gay and Brandon will be guest editing for SLQ for the next three weeks, so treat them kindly. They will also be helping with submission selection, writing feature articles, … Continue reading

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>SmokeLong Dog Collars?

>I signed in to check our editors email account this morning and found this treasure in our inbox. The dog collar photos he sent were actually pretty fashionable. I like the slightly dominatrix-y leather one here with the diamond heart. … Continue reading

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>sCORe PotS & Smoke!

>UPDATE: Steve Almond, author of Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life and other awesomeness, will be the featured reader at sCORe PotS and SMOKE! Here’s the most recent list of readers: Steve Almond J. Bradley Randall Brown Michael Czyzniejewski … Continue reading

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>Job Openings at SLQ!

>Want to work for all glory, but no pay? Have we got something for you! SmokeLong Quarterly is looking to expand its staff. We are looking for a Staff Editor/Blogger and one or more Staff Readers to help us better … Continue reading

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>The Stats Game

>So I was trolling around our fancy web site stats page this afternoon. I will admit that I am fascinated by these things. It’s kind of fun to generate all kinds of reports and figure out who’s reading our site, … Continue reading

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>New Leadership at SmokeLong… and Other News

>There are changes a-brewin’ at SmokeLong, and we thought we’d fill you in on them. EDITORIAL STAFF While Dave Clapper is still founder, publisher and downright genius, he has decided to step down from the day-to-day editorial decisions at SmokeLong. … Continue reading

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>"Leaving Hope Ranch" by Meg Pokrass… Returns!

>Storyglossia republishes Leaving Hope Ranch by Meg Pokrass. Leaving Hope Ranch, which made the Wigleaf Top 50 2009 List, had been published in 971 Menu, which disappeared recently leaving no archive (and no access to the story). Storyglossia gave it … Continue reading

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>"Feeding Strays" Short Stories by SmokeLong Submission Editor Stefanie Freele Released

> Back Cover:A woman hides from her husband in a fish tank and another absently bakes sponges inside her tarts. Appliances drop from the sky, men grapple with chainsaws, women struggle with hormonal violence, and abandoned boys beg on doorsteps. … Continue reading

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>Top Ten Page Views for May 2009

>Once again, very late posting this, due to insane work schedules. Total traffic for the month was 86,341, which convinces me that, yes, I need to find time to pimp the site again. Samuel Lee’s piece is yet another testament … Continue reading

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