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This Week’s Reader: Matt Rowan

About: Matt Rowan is the author of the short story collection Why God Why (Love Symbol Press, 2013) and co-edits Untoward Magazine. His work can, or soon will, be found in SmokeLong Quarterly, Booth Journal, Gigantic, Atticus Review, Pear Noir! … Continue reading

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Pushcart Editorial Board Nominates SLQ Stories

Congratulations to Molly Giles and Wendy Oleson, whose stories from SmokeLong were nominated by the Board of Contributing Editors for the Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses 36th edition anthology. Molly Giles’ story “Seahorse Sex” and Wendy Oleson’s “How … Continue reading

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Good bye, Blogger. Hello, WordPress.

Frankly, we’ve hated Blogger for… oh, forever. Initially, it had its uses: primarily, it played well (enough) with the code base we used, so we were able to publish straight to our own site (although it generally took FOREVER). But … Continue reading

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>Top Ten Page Views for May 2009

>Once again, very late posting this, due to insane work schedules. Total traffic for the month was 86,341, which convinces me that, yes, I need to find time to pimp the site again. Samuel Lee’s piece is yet another testament … Continue reading

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>Top Ten Page Views for January 2009

>Another month of big activity from StumbleUpon. The pieces by Pendarvis, Kinsella, Maltezos, Hunt, Leary, Chopan, Bundy, and Cooper all had higher referral rates from there than from any other site. Huai’s hits came from her inteview, which in turn … Continue reading

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>Top Ten Page Views for December 2008

>Well, that’s a really interesting shakeup, huh? In looking at specific referrals, a ton of the traffic that propelled several of these into the top ten in page views was from StumbleUpon. Most of those were added to Stumble when … Continue reading

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>stats for issue 22

>Because issue 22 was posted about two weeks later than it should have been, I’m going to break out the stats a couple different ways. One is based on the idea of it having come out on September 15 as … Continue reading

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